“My Pilgrims Heart” Stephanie Dale

Hello TTT Ladies,

I have only read sixteen pages of the book “My Pilgrims Heart” It is a journal that recites her intimate thoughts on her marriage. She questions the love she has for her husband, but the passion and respect seems to be disappearing. She is struggling with losing her identity as she challenges the origin of the marriage. This book is has many metaphors that only the author can interpret. I have can draw many conclusions from the content I have read so far ,because I was married for eleven years so with that being said, I recognize the signs when two people in a marriage ask the question why did I get married?

TTT what are your thoughts as you read ” My Pilgrims Heart” I look forward to your comments.

I wonder if her husband has the same feelings about her and their marriage.

There is her side, his side and the truth. OK ladies lets “Talk”







2 thoughts on ““My Pilgrims Heart” Stephanie Dale

  1. Hi Chocolate Amethyst, Stephanie Dale here, author of My Pilgrim’s Heart.

    It’s an interesting point, that I ‘question the love I have for my husband’ – I’d say more likely I question the nature of love in relationship per se! And whether what we habitually call ‘love’ in marriage or intimate relationship is in fact possession, obligation and soul destroying compromise.

    Certainly My Pilgrim’s Heart is an exploration of what it is to fear losing not just my identity but all that I love about how I go about life!

    As for my husband, he has his own story – and what I can tell you is he does not recognise himself in mine 🙂

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