“My Pilgrims Heart” Stephanie Dale

” I am not obliged to tell anyone anything”

Stephanie has decided to be herself at the expense of being by herself. When I read I first started to read this book I said to myself I cannot relate, this is to emotional and over the top.  I woke up 3:00am this morning and just could not go back to sleep, ok no problem I’ll read my book “Pilgrims Heart” this book is a challenge for me to read and I need a new approach. This is not a novel,and it is not the average book, this is diary, a journal to her thoughts.

Then it occurred to me, I need to get into “character” and accompany Stephanie on this journey. The pages in the book started to come alive. I was finally making a connection. I started to under line key statements in the book. I saw my self as I read each page with some fear and curiosity.  Stephanie was going to do what ever it took to find herself and really was not concerned if it was unpopular because she is on a journey, and has invited me along for the walk, I am packed ready to go.

Stephanie made a profound statement, “It took marriage to reveal my inner invisible war with obligation” I wonder is that why I am not married?

She has a message for her husband, ” You confuse love with wanting and truth with fear”, those words pierced my spirit and rattled my conscience, is this my brick wall?

Stephanie referenced the tale of “The Emperor’s Clothes” the boy in the story was the only one not in denial when it came to the truth, she said it sums up her personality. Do you have a “healthy compulsion to be honest” especially when it is about you?

TTT ladies what is your journey, is there an area in your life that needs you to walk from “Rome to Israel”?






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