“My Pilgrims Heart” Stephanie Dale

Hello TTT Ladies,

Stephanie and I  are still on our journey we should be arriving in Omis soon. This is day of reflection. We are staring at the sea and wondering about Yugoslavia and Croatia before war liberated the coastline. How could we not wonder “if the sea sparkled as brightly in the darkness…. was the water quite as blue…did they hug their children as tightly….”  I have lived is the USA all my life, I was born here. A country that gives me freedom, protection, and the right be an American Citizen, and for that I am grateful and proud. Simply put I love my country.I can’t but wonder if I had not been blessed to be born a free woman in the USA what would my life be like? Being here demands that I appreciate, and respect that I have the everyday privilege of knowing that when I get up every morning, I live in peace.  I will never take it for granted after being here.

TTT Ladies some of us will never witness what Stephanie saw for herself in this country, we can’t even imagine it, but as we journey with Stephanie in “My Pilgrims Heart ” we can certainly reflect. I am grateful for her writing “My Pilgrims Heart” because it sparked my conscience to always remember that I live in a magnificent country that allows me everyday with a chance to hug my son when I get back to Augusta,GA.



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