“My Pilgrims Heart” Stephanie Dale

Hello TTT  Ladies,

We are now in Crna Gora on our way to the mountains of Budva.  It has been a rainy day but for the most part, simply satisfying. Stephanie and I are talking, she is thinking about leaving her marriage, I am wondering for the first time in a long time, that I am still single. We both are consumed by the loneliness of a world that contains no one but us. Stephanie says ” I would rather die than go through being single again” I said look Stephanie “at least when you are single, you know where you stand” but what I was really thinking I am tired of being alone,  and watching repeat episodes of ” Law and Order” I felt intimated by her honesty, but most of all I felt “weak” because right now I would rather be walking in the rain with  the love of my life. I will probably be dead before that happens.

TTT Ladies people in Crna Gora drive in rain like people in Augusta, GA on Bobby Jones Express Way on a rainy day. This car comes out of no where and almost hits us, we slipped on some slime that threw us in the path of car, by the grace of God the car swerves. That was close.  I remembered my God Mother saying “choose your words wisely, because we have the power to speak them in to existence”

Well we both agreed, we are not ready to die. We could care less about the “dynamics” of being married single, divorce  ect, if there was  a lesson to be learned, we got the message loud and clear.


TTT Ladies I was personally praising God for saving us,  but Stephanie spoke these words of wisdom.

“When I die let it not be from self-pity. Rather, let me find a new  way of living”

Such words of strength and honesty, my faith for me now is renewed with a breath of fresh air. I thanked God for saving us,  but most  all of I just thanked God for being God.







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