“My Pilgrims Heart” Stephanie Dale

“I have the strongest sense my pilgrimage is over. I do not want it to be so.Yet my body has known all evening that the walk is done.”

Good Morning TTT Ladies,

We are now in Tirana, it is cold but were are ok, Ben has been very quiet for the most, Stephanie is very intuitive, she feels he is holding on to something, but for the most part it is too late to cross the “The Alps”, but I have my own concerns and worries, I have received a text message from Dstinguished”5″   this morning at 5:00 am with heart breaking news.

TTT Ladies, I am now out of character in “My Pilgrims Heart” This is real and not a part of the journey as we read “My Pilgrims Heart” My heart is so heavy and my spirit is hurting. Dstinguished”5″ is a member of “Talk The Talk” Ladies Book Club, but most of she is a friend. Her granddaughter who is two years old died this morning at about 1:00 am, she did have an elevated fever,but her dying was totally unexpected. Dstinguisged”5″ is an active member on our blog page, and I sure that you can tell from her comments she is a woman of excellence and wisdom with a giving heart  along with a “laughing” personality. She is my right hand when it comes to TTT Ladies Book Club.

Humourous, loving, and giving are not enough words to describe her personality. I know you can tell from her comments on our blog page she is a positive confident woman. I admire her because she is my mentor and role model. She is my friend and I love her very much.

This so ironic I have just finished reading that Stephanie and Ben have just come to the end of their journey, and I am thinking how am I going to incorporate that in my journey, because I was not expecting the journey to end so soon. When I was talking to Dstinguished”5″ this morning, I said “well it looks like it is time for me to come home” she said with tears in her voice “time for you to come home” This has been a challenge because I take reading seriously and I took this journey seriously. This was a time for to reflect and learn, but most of all realize that my “today is the beginning my tomorrow”

TTT Ladies my actions and thoughts are now to support Dstinguished”5″ as she grieves, she lost a nephew who was sixteen years of age six months he was hit by an out of control car. She needs me more than ever, She supported me when I said I was going to journey this blog with Stephanie Dale only in character, I felt it would help me understand her book, and it did.

We knew Ms Stephanie Dale was coming to Augusta, GA, but “Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club” was going to read her book as our May book of the month. We wanted to be prepared to join in on the discussion, but most of  all we looking forward to her telling her story in her own words.

TTT Ladies what I did not expect was for Stephanie Dale, author of “My Pilgrims Heart”  to actually comment on the journey, that was a “SURPRISE” and such a gift of honor. I have come to enjoy but most of all respect the strength she “lived” She knows  exactly who she is, and lives her life with no regrets or excuses. She lives her life in truth and total honesty. She is a beautiful woman who took a chance at any cost to live life without barriers or fear.

TTT Ladies the end of this journey is for Stephanie Dale to tell, this is her story so she gets the honor, but you will find out on May 15 2012 at 6:30pm at the Augusta Richmond County Public Library which is located at 823 Telfair Street, Augusta, GA 30901, home of the “Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club” that this is her “beginning”

TTT Ladies we are on the count down 9 more days as Stephanie Dale embraces us with her presence. we will continue to comment on her book, and hope she will continue to inspire us with her wisdom and insight. I hope all of you will continue to read “My Pilgrims Heart” in its entirety.

Stephanie thank you for being a part of this virtual journey you are a “team player” with out a doubt, Please continue to blog with us, the conversation is addictive, we do appreciate you taking the time to comment as you travel across the United States discussing “My Pilgrims Heart”

Please keep Dstinguished”5″ in your prayers  as  “time uses acceptance as a tool for healing”. Please keep me in your prayers as I speak love and care to her spirit.





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