“My Pilgrims Heart” Stephanie Dale “15 May 2012 “

“Cowardice asks the question is it safe?  Expediency ask the question is it politic? Vanity ask the question is popular? but conscience ask the question is it right? There comes a time we must take a position that is neither safe or politic, or popular, but it was right.”

These are great word from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Hello TTT Ladies,

These words by Martin Luther King highlighted my thoughts as I listened to Stephanie totally captivated the evening as “My Pilgrims Heart” came alive with courage, strength, and truth. Stephanie challenge us to pursue our own personal journey without hesitation.

It is only natural to magnify a persons life  when they give us a view into some of their most intimate thoughts about children, marriage ect. “My Pilgrims Heart” does just the opposite it implores you to untangle some of your own issues and concerns, and that in itself is a” journey”

“Let your hopes, not your hurts shape your future. Problems are not stop signs. They are guidelines. Our best successes often come after our greatest disappointments. I would rather attempt to do something great and fail than do nothing and succeed. Sometimes the best gain is to lose. It builds character which is the foundation of true success”.

This is a quote my pastor text to me, it speaks volumes, these very words  speak to the core of “My Pilgrims Heart” Stephanie’s journey from Rome to Israel  is her illustration to us, to we are all that we have, don’t just exist, we a responsiblity to our selves to “live”

“My Pilgrims Heart”  is a “thirst” for conversation and that is an avenue for people to ask, what is the book about” I immediately start telling them how it inspired me, the ONLY way you are going to know the answer to that question is to read it and journey, you won’t find Stephanie Dale in “My Pilgrims Heart” you will find yourself. What you will find is Stephanie Dale  right beside you.

TTT Ladies it would be easy for me to “glamorize” ” My Pilgrims Heart” and tell people buy the book she is “all the way” from Australia, and she made a pilgrimage on foot from Rome to Israel with her son Ben ect. You can read that for your selves in the excerpts or her website. Stephanie Dale did more than that, she discovered her purpose in life. My Pilgrims Heart is the beginning of her life.

Stephanie Dale does  get a standing ovation for writing ” My Pilgrims Heart” she does she get one for walking from Rome to Israel, that was  pre-ordered in the “DNA” of her birth. Stephanie Dale answered her call of conscience to take a chance and ignore the  fear. She took a chance to be ridiculed, stigmatized, and osterized by society, because she did not do it “their way”. That is the applause she truly deserves and has earned.

“My Pilgrims Heart” is about a woman breaks out of her own mental prison, she “sheds” the insecurities of life that she allowed to hold her back, she took responsiblity for her actions, she did not make excuses, she implemented a plan for herself and made changes.

I will do more than “praise” Stephanie Dale, I will accept her for who she is, and not try to conform her into the parameters of my mind. ” My Pilgrims Heart” is not just a signature of her accomplishments, it is a “gift” that she allows you to unwrap so it then becomes your “journey”.

“Peace on Earth has only one requisite,and that is  peace in our own hearts”  a quote by  Stephanie Dale author of “My Pilgrims Heart”


One thought on ““My Pilgrims Heart” Stephanie Dale “15 May 2012 “

  1. ” Grace and Peace”

    Hello Stephanie,

    Thank you for the upclose and personal attention you gave to the ” Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club” You responded to every comment that was posted. That speaks volumes about your character and integrity.

    “My Pilgrims Heart” was the first book we discussed on our blog page, It was a honor and priviledge to hear you in person as you took us on the “journey”.

    Most of all, thank you for taking a chance with us, we are not a “seasoned” book club, your participation will go down in history of the ” Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club.

    Stephanie your warmth, honesty and wisdom has touched the TTT Ladies, We have learned so much, “My Pilgrims Heart” is a mirror that reflects back to your spirit.

    We will miss you blogging with us, it has been fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have put the ” Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club” on the map because of you we have book authors and women inquiring about our book club. In all honesty no one knew we existed until you and ” My Pilgrims Heart” I thank you.

    You gave us your heart and friendship, but most all of you gave us Stephanie.

    I pray that you blessed with all the desires of your heart, my prayer is that you prosper and grow with knowledge, You Stephanie Dale have already succeeded.

    You are are always more than welcome to come back and “journey” with us, that invitation will always be open.

    See you on the “journey”

    Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club

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