“The Possibility Of You ” Pamela Redmond Satran” ” ( CAIT)

Hello TTT Ladies,

” The Possibility  Of You” is a novel about three women that lives that are intertwined. How do we give each woman the benefit of doubt? What are the parameters in which we “circle” around them. Do we judge them with our prejudices and experiences?  Do I have the right to comment because I find your behavior unethical.  I want to forget my own “transgressions”

Cait is our first character, I can’t help  but to think if she could have benefit from the book by Steve Harvey “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” but then again may that would have only put a ” band-aid” on the real issue. I mean really this is nothing new, why should it even be a conversation if a woman wants “crumbs” have at it. Who am I to reflect my values and views on her?

Cait has made a conscious decision to be intimate with Martin even though he is married. It that problems hers of his?

Should Cait get a” get of jail free card”  this is just causal sex to her, and she only gives in when she is desperate. She does not want an attachment because she does not want any one leaving a blue print on her heart, really TTT Ladies what is the harm?

She is adopted, would that explain her behavior, may she inherited this from her biological mother.

I find it strange that she does not realize that there might be a possibility that she could be a Black Woman?

I just started reading ” The Possibility Of You” so far it “true to life” and entertaining.

TTT Ladies lets talk what are your thoughts and comments?


3 thoughts on ““The Possibility Of You ” Pamela Redmond Satran” ” ( CAIT)

  1. Hello TTT Ladies,

    Cait has agreed to have dinner with Martin and his family, she is pregnant. Why would she want to have dinner with his family, Why would Martin even invite her in the first place?

  2. cait tried to act all hard like she didnt want Martin to the point that she even encouraged him to work it out with his wife and family. she could have kept it that way, but she called him and then accepted the dinner invite. First of all she should have said no but she took her trifling self to that woman’s home. Martin should not have invited her either so what does that say about him. Women date guys like this and end up marrying them and get upset when they cheat on them. Ok, ask yourself this question, was he married when he met you? What make you think he is Mr. Do right now? Cait all in the house looking at his wife, children and family day dreaming so hard that she dont even hear them talking to her. She think that chicken had her sick, that was good for her. I wish she would have vomited on Martin!

  3. Hello TTT Ladies,

    Wow !!! Dstinguished “5” telling it’s “tis” I agree with you totally

    I don’t feel she was sincere when she encouraged Martin to go back to his wife and work things out. She was just saying that to justify her actions. She knew Martin was tired of being married. All of a sudden she has “values” where were they when she slept with Martin, and then went to his house? Cait does not respect herself, so how could she respect anyone else? Martin is a coward, if he was a mature man, he would have went to his wife and told her he wanted to depart from the marraige, so he used Cait as a reason to leave. He is pathetic.

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