“The Possibility Of You” Pamela Redmond Satran

Hello TTT Ladies,

I am so excited about this novel ” The Possibility Of You” by Pamela Redmond Satran. I love the diversity of all the characters. What I really admire is the history that is rich  and in-depth. It is an up close view of prejudices that exists even in our society today. Ms Redmond really highlights the struggles that women have in relationships, self-esteem issues. The right to be respected by society.

“The Possibility Of You” is true to life, these women are our sisters, mothers friends and family. She is not afraid to show fears or ignorance. These women are us. They long to beloved for all the right reasons. I look forward to growing with these women.

My desire after I read ” The Possibility Of You” is to come away with more patience and tolerance for women, I feel as women as we get older, we lose these key components, so we don’t encourage each other as much we should. We have a tendency to forget that we were young and inexperienced.

I am enjoying the “journey”



3 thoughts on ““The Possibility Of You” Pamela Redmond Satran

  1. Hello TTT Ladies,
    I have completed reading ” The Possibility Of You” Pamela Redmond has elevated ” Keeping It Real” to a new level. I see myself in all these women. Ladies we must get outside our comfort zone, all women of all races have struggled, we need to have a “conversation”.

  2. I completed the book last night and felt deeply the struggle of each of the women. Some of the male/female relationships left me a bit baffled. Maude’s relationship with her older spouse left me curiuos–about how and why did they come together. –And was all George really after was sex? Where did he disappear to?
    I know I was suppose to feel good about Cait’s new relationship but I felt like it was doomed.

  3. Hello Honeybadger,

    Are you talking about Maude and Bridget’s relationship? Bridget was Maude’s housekeeper/Nanny

    Cait and Geogre, well I agree- where did all this love come from when, they had a one”night stand” Geogre is a little bit to needy for me. I love that Cait has found her mother and now has closure when it comes to her birth, but really I don’t think that she is attracted to Geogre, but she is pregnant and that is the orgin of her motivation and feelings. “what starts wrong ends wrong”

    I could only imagine how Geogre’s wife must feel, Cait and Geogre had no respect for themselves or his wife.

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