” The Possibility Of You” Pamela Redmond Satran (BILLIE)

Hello TTT Ladies,

Billie is a very interesting character, what I do like about her is her diversity, she is a free spirit but at same time, she is immature. Her father has died. She has a friend his name is Jupe, he’s black and bisexual which does not bother Billie at all. She and Jupe have found a box that contains letters about a family she was not aware of, so they travel to from California to New York, in all honesty her father basically has left her destitute. She really does not have any where to go.


TTT Ladies,

What is your opinion of her father?  He used drugs and drinked alcohol. Where is her mother?

He was estranged from his family, I am curious to know why.

Billie meets Maude who is her grandmother and Bridget who is her partner, these two ladies just left me speechless. I am sure much more is to come about their relationship.

TTT  what is your opinion of Jupe and Billie’s friendship, she really wants more than a friendship. What is their attraction and what has drawn them together? They seem to know that they are not accepted by society.

TTT Ladies what are your thoughts?







4 thoughts on “” The Possibility Of You” Pamela Redmond Satran (BILLIE)

  1. Hello TTT Ladies,
    Billie is looking for what she think is love in Jupe. I hope Maude and Bridget will fill that void in her life, How she can respond to real love when she does not know what love feels like?

      • I totally agree with you Honeybadger11 on her being a typical women. I’m not so sure if she thought she could change him. I think that because she wanted him so bad that she turned a blind eye to what he was doing and was willing to sleep with him all the while knowing exactly who and what he was. I do think that they were drawn together because they shared a special void.

  2. I agree with both of you, in my opinion Billie’s father who was just a “sorry excuse” for a human being, He was a “addict” he was selfish, he so afraid to live for himself. She was the parent and he was the child. She was love starved- so she is a victim by default, he had a choice to live or die, she was left with the crumbs of his life, that left her desperate and scrambling for any form of attention.

    She did finally “arrive” her growth is amazing as she told Cait the truth about her life, this was so real, it was a testimony that read like a “memoir” Ms Redmond really brought out the human characteristics. I am still captivated.

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