“The Possibility Of You” Pamela Redmond Satran “BRIDGET”

Hello TTT Ladies,

Bridget is Floyd’s care taker, Maude is his mother. Bridget is from Ireland. She made a promise to herself that she would never marry or have children, she would rather nurture another womans child. George is her love interest at this point, he is the driver for the Apfelmann’s, the family that she works for also.

TTT Ladies keep reading, your are in for a treat.

TTT Ladies is Bridget’s attitude about men any different from the way some women see men today?

She is from Ireland the year is 1916, as you read you will see how these two facts come alive



3 thoughts on ““The Possibility Of You” Pamela Redmond Satran “BRIDGET”

  1. Hello TT Ladies,
    I can understand where Bridget is coming from when it comes to men, she wants to at least want a man, or least feel attracted to him. I am confused why would she has closed the door on this area in her life with out trying, there is something more going on here.

  2. Bridget made this promise I think because she did not want to end up like people that she was around in Ireland. Slim pickings, not a lot of choices in the matter, all farmers and dirty and women with a house full of children. Maybe Bridget had this strong attitude about herself because of the environment she was in with Maude and the Heterodoxy club and all the we are equal and I can live my life how I see fit. I think this definitely influenced her attitude toward men.

    • Hello TTT Ladies,
      Bridget’s life has certaintly “unfolded” Maude is vital to her character, It is almost she would have not exited if it was not for Maude. Her character really makes me think about women today. In Church we are always talking about the the “older” women teaching the younger women, and being a example and support.

      Maude certainly took advantage of Bridget’s demise when Geogre was ill, but TTT Ladies do you think there was a moment when she could have took a stand to take back her life and her son or do you think their roles were “set” because the situation was far to grave and complicated

      TTT Ladies what about Geogre and Maude when it comes to personal responsibility? Yes “life” sometimes will give you a “consequence” you did not choose, but they still had the oppertunity to “choose” how they would “react” to their circumstances.

      In my opinion Geogre chose to feel sorry for himself, that enabled him and clouded his view to look at the “big picture” of what his mother was up against when she had him and what followed.

      I feel that Bridget has never stepped out on her own because of fear, she lived this condeluded life that gave Maude power to dictate her destiny. She left Ireland in body, but not in spirit, she just does not have a foul husband and a house full of kids, but her mind set is as if she does. She has lived a defeated life to a certain degree, but I guess the question is that “the cards that were dealed” to her did she play the best or her only hand?

      Maude chose to live in a state of depression, this was a “perfect” storm for her to re-enforce her additude of ” entitlement” Geogre was just a” means to a end” for her. She lost her son in death, her pain was “mobile” with hurt, but she chosed to be selfish.

      TTT Ladies lets talk.

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