“The Possibility of you” Pamela Redmond Satran – May 30, 2012

Hello TTT ladies,

We have read about all three main characters, Cait, Billie and Bridget,   Mrs. Redmond is known for her name books.  Do you think that these names fit each of the characters?

Cait seem to be a different kind of name.  This name is not one that you hear of often.

Billie is a tough name.  This is not a soft name and really does fit her because she had tobe tough  with all that she went through. Her name makes her seem young and out there.

Bridget name fit the nick name that Floyd gave her “Bea”


2 thoughts on ““The Possibility of you” Pamela Redmond Satran – May 30, 2012

  1. Hello TTT Ladies In my opinion the ladies out grew their names as they evolved into women. Their names suited them for the “era” that they lived.

    I look forward to a dynamic discussion on 19 June 2012 6:30pm, as we have the honor and pleasure of the the author of ” The Possibility Of You, Pamela Redmond skyping in with us. The Augusta Richmond County Public Library, 823 Telfair St. Augusta Richmond Public Library 3rd floor AUG, GA 30901 3rd floor

    Please remember family and friends are always welcome( Women only)

  2. Thank you so much for reading my book The Possibility of You and for the amazing discussion last night. Your insights into the characters were so thoughtful — you made me see them in a new way! Anyone who would like a personally signed bookplate that you can put in your book can just email me at pam@pamelaredmond.com and I will be glad to mail it to you.

    If you’re on Facebook, there is a Facebook page for the book here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pamela-Redmond/117584335014717

    Thanks again and great to meet you!

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