“The Sweet Everlasting” by Judson Mitcham

Hello TTT Ladies,

“The Sweet Everlasting” By Judson Mitchell is simply amazing and very profound. The book is interwoven by the thoughts and moments by Ellis Burton.  Mr Judson does an excellent job of bring out the confusion and hurt that Ellis felt.

What is so sad is that he was only in prison for six years, but his pain was a life time. Ellis in my opinion was never free when he left prison, he was severely mentally ill.

TTT ladies do you think that Susan should have told Ellis that she was bi-racial?

When he found out he called her a racial slur and insulted her gender, do you think that was a buried prejudice that he had and did not realize it?

His mother was drinking and grieving over the loss of her husband and she mistakenly in her drunken stupor thought that he was her father and attempted have sex with him, was she really drunk?

It scared him that he felt excited and ashamed?  TTT Ladies lets talk.

TTT Ladies do you think his mental illness stopped him from forgiving Susan or he could not stand face the reality that she was bi-racial. His best friend Isaiah was Black, they were brothers in spirit.?


4 thoughts on ““The Sweet Everlasting” by Judson Mitcham

  1. TTT Ladies I feel the loss of his parents, finding out tha Susan was black and the death of W.D. sent him into a mental psychiosis. Going to prison was just a mental death sentence. He lived only to exist.

    I believed that Susan really felt that he loved her unconditionally his actions certainly denmonstrated that he loved her more than life.but Ellis is a product of his race and he was raised that Black and White should stay with in the boundaries of their race.

    His anger was hurt that -she lied to him, I can undertand that because she took his right to decide if he wanted to be married to a black woman. Her parents were light skinned probably because somewhere in their past there was some in the family that was white, but that is not unusual for that era or even now.

    She really took a chance by getting pregnant because W.D. could have been born with black skin, I wonder what Ellis would have done then?

  2. I felt that Ellis’s mother new that he was not her husband she just tried to use alcohol as a excuse to have sex with him. She was lonley and desperate.

  3. Ellis is mentally ill, so are we reading the thoughts of man that is coherant or a man that is clearly delusional?

  4. TTT Ladies the the brutal murder of Isaiah clearly changed him, he has a classic case of PTSD. This section of the book brought tears to my eyes, the death of course, but to witness this brutal murder and have that picture in your mind, Isaiah will never feel pain again, This is cemented in Ellis’s mind and spirit, he lives with it everyday of his life.

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