“The Sweet Everlasting” Judson Mitcham

Hello TTT Ladies,

I have certainly enjoyed reading ” The Sweet Everlasting” by Judson Mitcham I really feel like this is a story about romance. There was so much love between Ellis and Susan, each time the story escalated it was always about the emotion that concerned their relationship.

Ellis was walking along the highway,he states he saw his friend Isaiah Cutts who was brutally murdered. TTT Ladies do you think he was having one of his “illusions”.

What are your thoughts?

TTT Ladies with Ellis being so “erratic” how do know this  is just his imagination in overdrive. Could this story be a way for him to face the pain in his heart,  but not the reality of his life.

He weaves in and out of realty, where is the fact from the fiction?

Do you think this is one  aspect of Judson Mitcham’s clever writing skills.







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