“The Sweet Everlasting” by Judson Mitcham

Hello TTT Ladies,

Ellis Burt is man of confusion and clarity, his mind in so divided but yet interwoven. He has glimpses of himself, but yet in the same breath he instantly looses sight.

I believe we all have a “Ellis Burt” inside us, what keeps us from going over the edge and left to the thoughts of our pain? It took Burt a lifetime to face his past. He did not grow or move forward until he did. Did he waste his life? Do you think when you find peace, even  if it takes you a lifetime is that the ultimate reward a man who find himself on his own terms?

If I had to offer anyone advice on how to approach this novel “The Sweet Everlasting” I would say read this novel like a “poem” the poignant comments are poetry as he describes the love Susan has for her W.D. in her state of Alzheimer’s, or even how Burt in a moment of realty respects the strength of Isaiah’s parents Otis and Essie Mae and how they went on with their life after his brutal murder. He for the first time allows himself to be broken and human.

TTT Ladies Ellis tried so many time to kill himself but always was unsuccessful, what are your thoughts it seem he lived to die.

Do you think when Ellis return to his home that is when the healing started?

I can identify with Ellis when I returned home after being away ten years, I remember going to the neighborhood where I grew up walking down sidewalk where I played, looking at the house where I grew up, staring at the window that was my bedroom as tears rolled down my face. I felt this nostalgia of pain and confusion, but knowing that part of my life will never thrive in  my spirit again. I let my mind wander in the past as I welcome the dysfunction of  a wounded girl, but challenged my self to remember as I gave birth to the woman inside of me, I arrived and grew in a matter of “breaths”

Thank you Ellis Burt for reminding me that peace “took it’s time” with me also.


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