“Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson (Pearl Brown)

Hello TTT Ladies,

“Opportunist” is an understatement when it comes to discerning the character of Pearl Brown. She is very beautiful, talented, and married. It is very obvious why her and Herman Camm are attracted to each other.

Pearl clearly stands  by the slogan “A Girl Gotta Eat”

TTT Ladies it is very easy to judge Pearl, do you think there is a little Pearl in all of us?

What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on ““Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson (Pearl Brown)

  1. “Pearl must have freedom” Than you Ruth for that comment, I agree “boundaries” do not agree with her she is a free spirit which takes her on a emotional roller coaster. She has more in commom with Willie more than she realizes. Keep reading TTT Ladies.

  2. Hello TTT Ladies,

    HoneyBadger made a excellent observation ” Would a church going southern mother allow the word in her home? (the word she was “shit”)

    Black Berry Days Of Summer reveals the reality that some mother- daughter relationships can be “strained” If you recall Carrie thought that she could talk to to Mae Lou in a disrespectful tone, and she “slapped” her into the next day.

    Pearl and her mother represent the reality that some mother and daughters do disrespect each other even if they are southern and go to church. Society likes to paint the picture that this never happened to Black familes in the south. We just started disrespecting our parents. This is generational, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact this is where this generation learned it from.

  3. TTT Ladies was Pearl really running from Willie? or was that a excuse to run to Herman? I mean really this is who she whe wanted in the first place. I question her real motives?

  4. Hello TTT Ladies,

    What do you think Pearl was feeling when Herman Camm told her that Mae Lou was the kind of woman that will take care of a man, and she was the kind of woman that that would make a man “holler for more”

    Do you think her feelings were hurt?

    Was she ashamed that she was sleeping with another woman’s husband?

    Was she jelous because she wanted to take care of him?

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