“Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson ( Mae Lou)

Hello TTT Ladies,

The character of Mae Lou is  a woman who has lost her husband. She is grieving of course, but still knows that life goes on, and really has no problem dating again,  in fact she recovered from the death of her husband fairly well. What I find astounding is her attraction to Herman Camm, what was the attraction?

TTT Ladies so you think her Mae Lou’s attraction to Herman Camm reflects that her marriage  has some challenges?   Was she simply “just married to Robert?

Ok Ladies Let’s Talk


3 thoughts on ““Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson ( Mae Lou)

  1. Hello TTT Ladies,

    Mae Lou and Robert adopted Carrie when she was child, she was badly burned.

    It is ironic that she claims she did not see the signs that Herman Camm her husband was making sexual advances toward Carrie which led to him raping her, which led to her pregnancy. Mae Lou did not believe her when she told her that her husband was the father because he raped her.

    TTT Ladies why do you think she did not believe her own daughter?

  2. TTT Ladies,

    When I look at Mae Lou it reminds me how we put people on a pedestal. She was the one character that I felt had more common sense besides Ginny, She had a wonderful marriage to her husband Robert, she had a healthy marriage, but yet she choose to take care of Herman Camm. I wonder if the loneliness was just to much to bear.?

  3. Hello TTT Ladies

    Mae Lou confronted Pear Brown about her husband Herman Camm, Pearl did not care about that. She was upset because she said that Pearl was sleeping with Herman when she was still married to someone else which could be only her deceased husband Robert Parker. So how could she confront her? She was no different than Pearl.

    This is true beause Mae Lou started taking those trips to Washington D.C. before her husband Robert Parker died.

    TTT Ladies do you agree with Pearl?

    Is this why Pearl felt like Carrie was a liar because she was? She accused Carrie of “sneaking” because that is what she was doing with Herman Camm.

    Do you think that Mae Lou loved her husband?

    Do you think Mae Lou is a straight up Hypocrite? I do

    Is this another example of how some women cannot appreciate a good man? but will run behind a man that treats “road kill” better than her?

    Talk to me TTT Ladies, Talk to Me

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