“BlackBerry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson ( Willie)

Hello TTT Ladies,

Willie is a character that is really  puzzling, he is so weak, but yet strong it is easy to box him into this perception of a country boy, when he is around Pearl’s parents.

He is jealous and physically violent just to name a few “issues” that he has.

I wonder why he is so  upset about Pearl’s behavior, did he really think she was going to be faithful to him?

TTT Ladies Willie was looking for a war and the army to make him a man?

Any comments?


8 thoughts on ““BlackBerry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson ( Willie)

  1. Hello Ruth,

    TTT Ladies and I welcome you to “Talk The Talk Ladies” blog page,
    you are now a official member of the Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club.
    We look forward to meeting you on “skype” in August.

    “Willie need to have control” What is he trying to control besides Pearl? I honor the fact that he is a Vetran, but his temper really over shadows the qualities that are buried with “fear” which really controls him.

    When he came back there were no jobs and respect, but plenty of men were faced with the same circumstances, did they abuse their wives? In my opinion he use this as a excuse to “bully” Pearl. He spent his energy trying to prove to Pearl that he was a better lover in bed than the men she had been with. He knew Pearl was with different men so I guess he was trying to “love her to death”

  2. About mid way through with Blackberry Days of Summer. This is a novel I would not normally read — my scope of African American authors is very limited. I’ll admit to having a difficult time staying focus and following the plot and keeping track of each character’s story line. As a person that looks for the symbolism, the beauty and truth of the language in a novel –I am lost right now–The story seems to pick up when Pearl goes home to her family–but then when she and her Mother use words like “shit” with each other it throws me off again. Would a church going southern mother allow the word in her home? Would this same Black mother be aware of and almost accepting of Peasrl’s affair with Herman?

  3. Hello TTT Ladies,

    HoneyBadger has defined the “pulse” of the TTT Ladies, those are beautiful words.

    “As a person who looks for the symbolism, the beauty and truth of the langauge in a novel” I concur with you, infact that is the only way I can read a book.

    TTT Ladies have you notice the “trend” in which books seem to be written lately? The characters lives are interwoven with the past and present. Our last two novel we read
    “The Possibility Of You” and “The Sweet Everlasting” the characters were interwoven in the past and present, but all shared a commom interest.

    “Blackberry Days Of Summer” is another book that has a unique stye of wrtiting.

    HoneyBadger this is a excellent question that you ask about Pearl’s mother’s thoughts on her daughter’s affair with Herman Camm, being a southern woman that goes to church? why would she put up with so much drama and confusion from her daughter?

    I would like to comment on Pearl and her relationship with her mother. In my opinion Pearl was head strong and oppositional as a child, but along the way seem to develop this additude of resentment toward her mother. I feels she see’s her mother as a hypocrite, The irony is that Pearl bullied her way back into her mother’s home, just like Willie “bullied” his way back into their marrriage trying to make her be a docile wife that stayed at home.

    Pearl’s mother Annie May Moore demanded attention just like Pearl and always got it. It seem when it came to Pearl she did not chastise her like she did her siblings, because she saw herself in Pearl. Pearl always talk back to her mother, Pearl even admits she should slapped her in the mouth, but she just listen. This is a perfect rememdy if you want a child to disrespect you. This was a grave mistake on Pearl’s mother as a parent.She allowed Pearl grow up to disrespecting her. That’s why it is so comfortable for Pearl to curse around her mother and be promiscuous.

    HoneyBadger thank you for your honest and candid thoughts on our August book of the month “Blackberry Days Of Summer” TTT Ladies how do you feel about the book.TTT Ladies share some of thoughts on this novel.

  4. Hello TTT Ladies,

    Willie does come looking for Pearl and he does find her but only because his pride is hurt, in my opinion he really does not want a marriage Pearl gives him a challenge every chance she gets. Wiilie is in love with the “chase”

    • TTT Ladies Willie was looking for a war and the army to make him a man?
      Willie really got on my nerves! I think that he was a controll freak but Pearl really did have his number. I don’t think that he joined the Army to become a man, Pearl was the force behind him even joining the army. She was slick and already making it possible to be free right under his nose and he did not even see that!

      I’m not so sure that I felt that he really and truly was in love with pearl. They were only married months before he got shipped of and look at where they met.

      Willie was jealous because Pearl was attractive and desired the company of other men and he was jealous because he could not sexually satisfy her and she was not even attracted to him.

      Pearl used the weapon of choice on willie. Even when he was angry and mad all she had to do was use what she had to get him where she wanted him! You go girl! LOL

  5. Willie is a weak man in my opinion. He is weak for flesh, and Pearl’s especially. He is infactuated by her, and she uses it to her advantage. He is country and somewhat naive. Many men saw the military as a way to be accepted back in 1917. Acceptance is something I think men and women of color are still searching for today.

  6. I agree with you that “acceptance” is what we are still looking for , but we search in all the wrong places, it starts with us as individuals. This seems to be easier said than done, but it just starts with one person at a time. Just start with you first.

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