“Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson

Hello TTT Ladies,

I hope you are enjoying the novel “Black Berry Days Of Summer” by Ruth P. Watson.  I have been asked why did you choose this book?  My cousin who lives in Seattle, Washington called me to express her opinion that “Blackberry Days Of Summer” is an example that Black people can only write about one thing and that is “the past” especially black authors that live or that was raised in the south.

Why are you reading a book that is so “depressing” that paints black women as “desperate.”?

“Blackberry Days Of Summer” is a novel that reminds me of the conversations I would hear my mother talking on the telephone to her relatives that lived in the south. I was raised in Washington state. I remember how my mother’s accent would change into her “southern drawl” and she would laugh herself into tears as she reminisced about the people they knew that had some of the same characteristics as “Herman, Pearl, Carrie and Mae Lou. My mother was born and raised in Texas.

I would see my mother transform from an Army wife that lived in Ft.Lewis, Washington waiting for my father to return from the Vietnam war to a woman who allowed a conservation to give permission to be her self. I would look at her in amazement this is who she truly is.

When I met my relatives for the first time in Texas I already knew them and the their “story” in fact my cousins would ask me how do you know so much about that aunt or uncle. I never said how because I did not want my mother to know I was eavesdropping on her conversation.

The truth of the matter is that my mother was an alcoholic” she drinked to get away from pressures of being alone and isolated in the north. She would start calling her friends and relatives that lived in the south. She would be in the kitchen with her bottle of  Gin, we would change the records for her as she listen to Johnny Taylor, Sam Cook, Aretha Franklin ect. I would keep her glass full as she talked to her relatives about what was going on back home in Texas.  This was the only time I saw her as truly happy when she talked about her own “Blackberry Days Of Summer” There was some sad stories, secretes about who that father really was, who she really wanted to marry. I even learned how she and my father really met which was at a club in Leesville, La she went there to tell my brothers father that she was pregnant with him. He was nowhere to be found, she met my father who married  her when she was pregnant with me. They were married forty-four years before she died July 2002.

“When I read “Blackberry Days Of Summer” it is the conversation I hear and I get this rare opportunity to travel back in my thoughts and past to visit with my mother. I see the spirit of Pearl,as Mae Lou represents her strong foundation. Herman Camm broke her heart but I was born because Simon married her.

“Blackberry Days Of Summer” is a toast to my mother who lived in that era, I choose to see her and accepts who she really was in all of the drama, secretes and the lies. In all of that was this woman who lived through glimpse of her past. It is her story, I inherited her past because “Blackberry Days Of Summer” is my history.


5 thoughts on ““Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson

  1. Chocolate, it is a story that resonates with most people. Most African Americans living in the north and west are from the south. Our roots continue to define us and build character. Two of the women appear to be more mesmerized than desperate. Many women even today have been swept off their feet by a fast talking, well dressed man, and only to find out he is somebody totally different. It is so easy to dress up something really bad and be fooled.

  2. “It is a story that resonates with most people” how true, but also “Blackberry Days Of Summer” dares you to reach back and explore yourself and your family, It has so many excellent talking points that can interchange in conversations that impact how we see the past, but live in the present. It strikes a nerve so that you will pick up the telephone and call back home.

    Thank you Ruth for your insight, TTT Ladies this is only the “appetizer” as we “read” our way to 28 April 2012 6:30pm out guest Ms Ruth P. Watson will be skypeing in with us to a dyanmic evening of “talk” to discuss her novel “Blackberry Days Of Summer”

    We will be at the Augusta Richmond County Public Library
    823 Telfair St
    Augusta, GA 30901

    The public, friends ,and family are always welcome.

  3. TTT Ladies,

    I decided to look up the definition of these two words that Ruth comments on the about the additude of the two women in her novel “Black Berry Days Of Summer” Mae Lou and Pearl

    Desparate: reckless of dangerous having a spirit of lost hope, extreme need for attention.

    Mesmerize: Spell bound, compelled by fascination, hypnotize

    When I read the “definition” of these two words they are a reflection that personify the oppositie term of what each word means.

    If women were not so mesmerized by men, then we would not be so desperate for their attention.

    Keeping it real

  4. Hello TTT Ladies,

    “Blackberry Days Of Summer ” by Ruth P. Watson is a novel that is “painfully” honest but we need that sometimes. This book as you can tell speaks to me as a person, I have felt just about every emotion when I read this book.

    Is this just another book about women that just can’t get it together? I believe that this novel will motivate us to “clean our own house”

    TTT Ladies let’s not get brand new, there is nothing new under the sun, and we are ALL works in progress.

    Thank you for your support.

  5. I agree with you both. When I read “Blackberry Day’s of Summer” it brought back memories of several people that I know. I am so glad that you wrote this book because sometimes I think there are those who have selective amenisia or selective memory and just seem to forget who and where they come from! I was thinking if I knew anyone that did not have family from the south or who lived down south at one point in their lives or another and I can’t name anyone. I think that the sad part is that we tend to forget as Chocolateamethyst said and act like we are brand new and the biggest problem to me is that we do put on blinders and try to block out memories from our past for whatever reason. Maybe we are ashamed of where we come from or ashamed of the decisions that our parents made that directly or indirectly affect us, but the truth of the matter is. Many of us have been there and done that. Swept off our feet by someone that was sexy and handsome on the outside but turned out to be just as dumb as a box of rocks and completely different from what we thought.

    Thanks for keeping it real and than you Ruth for not letting us forget our past.

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