“Blackberry Days Of Summer by Ruth P. Watson (Minnie)

Hello TTT Ladies,

Minnie was pregnant with Carrie when her father left, but when he came back for her and the baby she was already involved with Mr.Smith. He refused to take care of a child that was not his, so this led to Carrie being burned.

TTT Ladies was Minnie’s actions based on a shortage of men?

He rejected and burned her child, but she stayed with him out some type of dysfunctional emotion but I am to furious right now to come up with a word for it. I am just so irritated and angry with women who allow men to abuse their children, but they are sadly so dependent on the crumbs that are thrown to them that feeds into their warped sense of  desire for a man.

TTT Ladies is this the part where I am supposed to look into Minnie’s childhood and understand that her environment shaped her ability not to “think” for herself. OK Minnie I can understand that you think it is love when you are abused by a man, that is your issue and I am not  concerned that you don’t care enough to fight for your self. Minnie this man burned your child!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could have you allowed a moment of sanity to creep in when he burned your child?  Minnie, was it asking to much of you to take off the blinders so that clarity could take place before he burned her. He already told you he did not want her, Minnie you mean to tell that was not a “hint” that he did not have your best interest in mind? Minnie you could have did this for her.

TTT Ladies she could have used some of Pearl Brown’s selfishness.

What is the problem?  oh yeah I forgot that half a man is better than no man , goody where do I get one Minnie, because I just can’t wait to get the “sense” beat out of me, and just think when he burns me that is the sign that deep inside he loves me. Minnie you are pathetic

TTT  Ladies if Minnie gives me some tired excuse that she did not get enough” cheerios” when she was a child I will personally jump into the pages of ” Blackberry Days Of Summer” and shake some sense into her.

TTT Ladies the author Ruth P. Watson is sending us a message loud and clear “Never make a man a priority when he makes you an option.






One thought on ““Blackberry Days Of Summer by Ruth P. Watson (Minnie)

  1. I see so many “Minnie’s” everyday. It is really a shame that some women will sacrifice the well being of thier children to be with a man, whoever it may be, boyfriend or husband.

    Minnine is not a rare breed and I don’t think that her actions were because of a shortage of men. I think that she was just naive (Showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment). Maybe the environment that she grew up in did play a small part of how she responded but regardless of all that who would want to be with someone that would hurt their child(ren), scarring them for life?

    She was already poor and had a house full of children so I really don’t see where she was just so dependent on him that she had to stay.

    Sad to say that choices like Minnie’s are made everyday. I am just thankful that there was an intervention and Carrie was taken in and loved and did not stay in the house to suffer anymore physical and mental abuse.

    I know people that feed their boyfriends steak and shrimp and feed the children packs of ramen noodles. Even if I did not have enough steak and shrimp to full up everyone, we all would have ate steak, shrimp and noodles. Nothing can be better for you than it is for my children. If I am going to struggle and sacrifice it will be for my children first.

    Thanks Ruth for the the message and Chocolateamethyst for summing it up!

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