“Blackberry Days Of Summer by Ruth P. Watson (Ginny)

Hello TTT Ladies,

Ginny is the voice of wisdom in the novel “Blackberry Days Of Summer” my godmother was and still is the “Ginny “in my life.  She and Ginny are  old crones” and I say that with love.

What I really admire about Ginny that she will tell you the truth and not what you want to hear.

She know all the secretes of everyone, but yet she does not exploit people with their past but uses the information to explain  their behavior so that you can arrive to a unbiased conclusion.

If Ginny was not a character in this novel, how would this affect the “tone” of this book?

Do you the author wrote Ginny’s role as the foundation and the other characters extended from her?

Could this novel come to life with out Ginny?

What are your thoughts?




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