Blackberry Days Of Summer by Ruth P. Watson “Simon”

Hello TTT Ladies,

Simon is just to good to be true, but there are men like Simon, my father was one of them,  I am living witness they do exist because I was born.

I can understand the hurt and anger he felt when found that the woman he was going to marry  was pregnant with another mans child because she was raped.

I feel that Simon left because he had to process all of this trauma that landed in his heart.

What do think Simon was thinking about when he left Carrie ?

Were you surprised he wrote her?

Let’s Talk Ladies.








2 thoughts on “Blackberry Days Of Summer by Ruth P. Watson “Simon”

  1. I was surprised he wrote her, although he was a good man. Simon is a reminder that there are some good men out there, even if they are far and few in between. His patience was heartfelt, and purity also had me mesmerized.

  2. I was to Ruth to be quite honest. In fact when he left I said to myself why am I suprised? he was just a “GLAD” brother ( good looking at a distance”

    TTT Ladies I felt shamed because I judged him and simply felt like “men are all alike” for that moment I forgot that my father took care of me knowing I was not his biological daughter if anyone should have believed in Simon from the start it should have been me.

    I felt like someone threw cold water in my face when he wrote Carrie back.

    Simon I apologize for assuming you were just “another brother” I let my personal history validate your character. It is not your fault that I was young and imature like Pearl, Mae Lou, Minnie and allowed a man to mistreat me because I did not feel I deserved better.

    What can I say Ladies, I really “blew” this one, just keeping it real.

    Thanx Ruth for reminding me that the woman in the mirror is me.

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