Common Age Old Story

I am enjoying the dialogue between the characters in this novel, but could use a little more description of the characters physically and mentally.  We have the story of good girl (Carrie)ruined by evil man (Mr. Camm).  Finally, good girl is rejected by good boy(Simon) who she thought would love her through any type of hardship.  I am more interested in what makes Mr. Camm tick than in Carrie’s story.  Here he is a man with looks and skills around the gambling table; all the women want him and he rapes a child.  What makes him such a thorn? 

What makes Pearl cheat on a man that loves her?  This is an age old story that can be richer if I cared and knew more about the characters. 

Well, I am almost through with the book and I am a bit curious about what Carrie decides to do with the baby and what happens to Pearl’s relationship?

Looking forward to discussing the book with the group and also conversing with the Author on November 17th here at the library.



One thought on “Common Age Old Story

  1. Hello TTT Ladies,

    I have completed reading “Blackberry Days Of Summer” I felt that of all the characters Carrie was very week in content, but she had a strong ending. When I started reading the novel, it eluded that this was a novel strictly about grown women. I was amazed that a teenager was the “highlight” I knew that Herman Camm was going to rape her, it was just a matter of chapters when I was going to read about it. Rape is not mysterious.

    I felt that Mae Lou could have “materialized” because why would a woman happily married to a man that works and takes care of the family. Why would she want to have a “affair” ? Was he a “workaholic” ?

    Blackberry Days Of Summer does imitates life, this is the world we live in.

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