“Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson( 28 August 2012-COUNT DOWN))

Hello TTT Ladies,

There is only ten days left as we move forward to August 29,2012 at 6:30 pm . We will be honored with the presence on “Skype” the author of ” Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson.

I have enjoyed reading and writing the comments on the TTT Ladies Blog page.  We have certainly appreciated Ruth comments and wait with anticipation to hear her explain the depths of her thoughts.


TTT Ladies the novel “Blackberry Days Of Summer” is” exquisite”  with a rare touch of reality.

We have dissected the characters in the book with precision. I am now pondering on Ruth P. Watson. Who is she?  Could this possibly be her own memoir?  What would make an author and in this case a woman share such fragile details of a women?  Is she airing our dirty laundry or hers?

I have spoken with Ruth P. Watson and I hear in her voice strength and confidence, with huge helping of humbleness.  This is the  “recipe” you digest if you are going to write a novel that opens up wounds and secretes.  Ruth P. Watson is now “naked” she is challenging us to do the same.

TTT Ladies on 28 Augusts 2012 6:30 pm we are going to “keep it real” there is no other way to discuss the novel “Blackberry Days Of Summer”  I know this is going to be dynamic evening of “talk”.

Start thinking of some of the questions you would like to ask her. I believe Ruth is the type of woman who “thirst” for the truth, it would be a grave injustice if we get in to that “lets be on our best behavior” because we have company.  Lets share with her how we honestly feel about “Blackberry Days Of Summer” the impact it made our thoughts. Can we identify with the characters? Are we suppose to just because we are black women?  Is is ok if I say my family or I have never had any of the drama that Mae Lou, Carrie, Pearl went through? girlfriend that is your issue!

Has Ruth P. Watson tapped in to the “pulse” of black women? or has she put us on spotlight to society we are just “angry black women” that live with unresolved baggage. Is she willing to take the backlash from women who feel her book is just another book that touts how reality T.V. portrays us.

Ruth P. Watson how dare you talk our “secrets” I am on top of the world  I have reinvented myself so go have a nice day by minding your own business. I will not addresses rape, fornication, adultery, and murder. I want to live in the la la land of denial in my mind. I am really secretly needy for a man, but I let my clothes, car and job cover up the realty that if being a sunday school teacher does not hinder me from taking yours. I will act as though “Blackberry Days Of Summer” was never published.

TTT Ladies these are just a handful of personalities I have encountered with their views from women that are friends and family.

These are some excellent talking points that I hope the author explores with us.  I look forward to hearing her testimony, and what was her inspiration. I can’t wait to hear her breathe life into Mae Lou, Carrie, and Pearl.  I wonder does she despise Herman Camm as much as I do?

TTT Ladies we welcome Ms Ruth P. Watson to our August book club discussion.












2 thoughts on ““Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson( 28 August 2012-COUNT DOWN))

  1. Each woman in Blackberry has hopes and dreams of their own. They are not angry or carrying any baggage. When Herman Camm arrives he has some issues of his own, and he appears to leave an impact on each of the women. Carrie, Mae Lou and even Pearl are all following their path until he gets in the way.

  2. Mae Lou and Pearl chose Herman Camm. They were not raped. Both of these women gave him permission to totally disrespect them by not loving themselves.

    That is “baggage” they carry because they both have low self-esteem.
    The only anger they feel is when Herman does not give them ” crumb attention”

    Herman’s Camm only issue is that he is sorry and lazy.

    Carrie really just lucked out. It could have easily gone the other way. Simon rescued her.

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