“Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson

” I will bring you a whole person and you will bring me a whole person and we will have us twice as much of love and everything….Celebration” by Mari Evans

Hello TTT Ladies,

We had the honor and pleasure of hosting the author of  “Blackberry Days Of Summer” Ruth P. Watson. She Skyped in with us truly energized and full of excitement. She is a confident woman who has a spirit that explodes with love. She welcomed us into her home and heart and then were on a journey with the characters Carrie, Mae Lou and Pearl. This is excellent “read” that flows with charisma, class and humor. It is sassy, sexy and “olskool”

I found it interesting that we did not ask who killed Herman Camm, infact I received a text from Dstinguished5 and she wanted me to ask Ruth who killed Herman Camm?  We were so busy dissecting the personalities in the book, Herman was insignificant and not irrelevant enough for us to care.

TTT Ladies  Herman Camm the “ladies man” in Blackberry Days Of Summer in my opinion was the common denominator. They “basked” in his twisted sense of love and were truly addicted to his warped affections. There were so many insightful thoughts as we explored the history of the black race, the impact of slavery, rape, adultery, lies and secrets which is a perfect recipe for a novel that brings all of these elements of life, that women participate in.

Ruth P. Watson The TTT Ladies and I thank you for reminding us that “we have not arrived”  it is our personal responsibility that we cannot desert out sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, as we support them as they grow in maturity. TTT Ladies  “Blackberry Days Of Summer is a reminder all women have a “calling” of accountability to each other and our selves “I am so tired of tired sisters” that just can’t get it together. What is their problem? TTT Ladies we all respond to life’s casualties at different moments. We must give each other a chance to catch our breath on our own terms and timetables. When one of us finally makes a conscious decision to get off the “emotional roller coaster” lets celebrate and support the next woman.

We are all “Works In Progress”

“Blackberry Days Of Summer” is a “smorgaboard” of emotions that keeps you reading all day and night, you just can’t put the book down, because there is a possibility of chance “good girls ” do finish first. It was worth it to me, because reality is harsh, and I just want to escape and fantasize and believe that I am Carrie, who was loved and accepted by Simon, she captured the essence in his heart as he realized that his life would be incomplete without her and her child.

Ruth P. Watson the TTT Ladies and I thank you for your wisdom and complete honesty, it is rare that a book author allows their readers to see, feel, their own personal history. We thank you for being transparent, real, and true You are a rare “find” You gave us complete permission to do the same with you. May you prosper, you have already succeeded


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