“Nappily Ever After” Trisha R. Thomas “Venus”

Hello TTT Ladies,

Venus has just cut off her hair, and feel a sense of freedom,  Why does it take hair for us to start making major decisions in our life?

She has asked Clint for a commitment( marriage) or leave, they have been living together for a number of years, so why is it now a problem

TTT Ladies Let’s talk

What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on ““Nappily Ever After” Trisha R. Thomas “Venus”

  1. Hello TTT Ladies,

    I believe that Venus like most of us made the mistake of assuming that we can control people or a situation, especially in relationships because the number one goal is to not get hurt, so we stay on the “defense”

  2. It took me years to reach the point Venus does in her short life. Experiencing the freedom of natural hair and unloading unhealthy baggage has made me a healthier person and a free person. I wake up in the morning and work-out and swim things I wouldn’t dare do in the past–cause the hair wouldn’t be right for work. I spend my Saturdays as I please–not dosing under a too hot dryer.

  3. Hello TTT Ladies,

    It took me a while before I was stable in my choice to wear my hair natural, but the key to being comfortable in my decision was to not concern myself what people felt about my hair.

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