” If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else you have succeeded” a quote by  Dr.Maya Angelou

Hello TTT Ladies,

This was an evening of dynamic conversation as we discussed how our hair can be the catalyst in our relationships with friends, family, occupations, spouses and significant others.  Society will always judge us by our hair. It is only an issue if you care.

I love the quote above by Dr. Maya Angelou, There are so many books on relationships on how we should respond and receive love.  Venus, Clint, and Kandi are three people who needed love for selfish reasons, even at the expense of compromising their individuality. I know that may sound desperate, but really who wants to wake up every morning to a pillow? I am just being real.

I could go and write about how we need to be whole people before we integrate people in our lives, but I am learning that most of us know that, “loneliness” captivates your spirit, that is a hard point to argue.

Today I say “Build Your Wings As Fly” just make sure when you land it was worth the flight.

TTT Ladies and I thank you Inez for choosing a “read”  that activates our conscious.

Please show your “love” for Diane a new TTT book club member, thank for your thoughts and comments last night.

TTT Ladies I thank your for your support and commitment.



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