“What Looks Like Crazy On A Ordinary Day” by Pearl Cleage

Hello TTT Ladies,

Ava Johnson has” AIDS”, and makes no excuses she’s had several relationships and has contacted all the men she has been sexually involved with. One of the letter’s she sent to a man was married, his wife came to her salon and wanted her to ” Take It Back”  She is obviously angry, hurt and in shock, this a understatement.

TTT Ladies how would you feel if you were the wife who received this letter?

Ava lost her clients when this woman started yelling she had AIDS, do you think AVA should have told them when she learned that she was infected with virus?  She is after all a professional cosmetologist she is working with chemicals, scissors ect.

Was this woman wrong to yell out to Ava’s client’s she had AIDS?

Do you think Ava’s clients’s left because she had the virus or was it because she did not tell them?

What would you do if you were one of Ava’s client’s?

Is Ava a victim?

TTT Ladies what are your thoughts?




2 thoughts on ““What Looks Like Crazy On A Ordinary Day” by Pearl Cleage

  1. So far, I am enjoying this book. I must admit, that I have “forgotten” about our country’s Aids epidemic. Perhaps, I’ve allowed the Media to distract me from this truth b/c the Media focuses on other social issues like terrorism and war. I don’t believe Ava was irresponsible b/c she didn’t tell her clients about her medical condition. Her obligation was to take the necessary health precautions. Based on how this disease is spread she wasn’t putting her clients well-being at risk. A change in health status from HIV positive to having the disease, Aids could change my response.

  2. Thanx “Queen” for your comments, The answer to the fair and right response to AIDS is being armed with fact’s, and not re-acting to fear.

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