“To Dance With The Dog” Terry Kay November 20,2012

“To Dance With White Dog” is an award-winning 1990 novel by Terry Kay. At its center is a mysterious white dog that appears after Sam Peak’s wife of 57 years has died. This novel will appeal to readers who love a poetic use of the language and to the fans of Southern literature as well as those who have had or lost a great love or worry too much about an aging parent. The book has parts that will make some reader’s laugh aloud but also will provoke tears for some.

“To Dance With The White Dog” is the story of a dog that mysteriously arrives at-and-won’t leave– the home of an octogenarian after the death of the mans’ wife. Sam’s adult children are worried about him living alone and tend to hover over him uncomfortably, They mean well, but they are not helping. When the dog shows up. at first the kids think Sam is making it up, but when the dog “appears” to one of the daughters. White dog helps the old man get on with business of living while also allowing him to reminisce about the past, including his lost love and their lost youth. To Sam, the dog is a guardian that provokes the comfort and warmth to survive his final years. The Dog stays with Sam until just before the mans death. The book is gentle, moving story about an old man’s final rites of passage, about family ties and about true love and the universal experience of grieving love lost. The character-driven story is inspired by the relationship of the authors’ father and mother

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“HoneyBadger”  has selected this novel “To Dance With The White Dog” by Terry Kay, Please show your support as she takes us on an adventure that promise to provoke an evening of “Talk”

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