To Dance With The White Dog

Statrted reading yesterday at 8 am and finished the book at 2:30 PM.  Terry Kay is a great writer; every page is packed with poetic images and symbolizism.

There were many questions that flooded my mind as I read the book:

1. What are who is the White Dog?

2. How do we treat our elderly?

3. At what point do we become more like parents to our parents?



One thought on “To Dance With The White Dog

  1. I have only read a few pages of “To Dance With The White Dog” it has a poetic flow.
    This will be my first time reading a book by this author, so I am curious to examine how his views intertwines with the concerns and compassion for the elderly.

    My father will be 85 years of age on November 29, 2012, so this is a “read” that I hope to enjoy and reflect on the respect and love I have for him.

    I ponder on the past, did he have a White Dog when my mother died in 2001?

    My father is my role model, I hope I have the “warmth” that saturates his spirit that keeps him calling me two days week.

    I read this novel to honor him.

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