“To Dance With The White Dog” Terry Kay

Hello  TTT Ladies,

I have read the first three chapters in this novel thus far. Of course it is sad because his wife died, they were married 57 years. The author has purposely isolated Sam in a” vacuum” so that we can feel the impact of his grief.This gives the readers a  indirect 3D visions into his thoughts only we know, his family has not a clue.

I feel Sam only wants to share with me alone his true thoughts, he knows I will listen.  His children love him, but treats his feelings as if they don’t exist, I wonder if they think that because of his age how could this man have clue to discern how he truly feels about anything, his wife his dead, there is no way he has a grip on clarity let alone reality.

This reminds me so much when my mother passed away and my brothers literally just took over, I can still see the shock and bewilderment in my father’s face as they really just told him just grieve, but at point that he only existed.

Neelie is their housekeeper and we know from history, these women were the “common denominators” in lives of southern white families.

I love the comment that Kate made when asked by a visitor with the acid of cynicism in their voice if Neelie “belonged”  to them. Kate answered innocently “No we belong to Neelie” I wonder if they paid Neelie the way they felt about her?





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