The Dry Grass Of August

Crammed into a back seat of a car, no in door toilet, no running water and eating in the car could my generation or my ckids have survived this type of treatment.  The Dry Grass of August should be mandatory reading for all young people and for all of those who have forgotten what our parents and grandparents endured.

Just the 1st chapter has me chagrining.


2 thoughts on “The Dry Grass Of August

  1. I look foward to engaging my own conscious, I personally need a wake up call. I don’t gravitate toward books that elaborate on the slavery- “Jim- James Crow” era but it is imparitive so that we won’t allow the past to “repeat” all people.

  2. Thank you! for posting about my novel. I WISH I could be with y’all on August 23, when you discuss my book…can’t even offer to Skype because I teach a writing class on Tuesday evenings. But I’ll be with you in my heart, and will gladly answer questions afterward, either posted here (if you mention the title, google alert will let me know) or via email to ezwriter at mindspring dot com. I’m delighted that you enjoyed The Dry Grass of August, and I hope others in “talkthetalkbookclub” will, as well.

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