“Inside Rain” Monique S. Mensah May 21, 2013

Rain grapples with memories of a horrific past that leaves her far from unscathed. After witnessing her mother’s gruesome murder as a child she is now left piecing together the fragments pf her shattered psyche as an adult. Quickly she is drowning in years of frustration and confusion with no promise of relief sinister visions and undying spirits haunt Rain relentlessly driving her deeper into darkness and lunacy, Rain’s grandmother, GIGI tries her best to help Rain face the truth, urging her to confront her past, but the past is to painful–it’s easier to hide. As Rain struggles desperately to define herself, she’s forced to brave her live-in siblings: a violent and narcissistic brother Danny who resents her weakness and Carmen her promiscuous and hostile sister, who wishes Rain would disappear. In her fragile mental state, Rain is ill-equipped to handle the chaos of their ruptured lives. When Rain, Carmen and Danny submerged in to horrors of prostitution, drug-addiction, domestic violence, and murder, Rain is left alone to face her internal demons and find her identity with no one to answer to, but herself.


Hello TTT  Ladies,

Please show your support on 21 May 2013 6:30pm D’stinguished5( Tonya) will host a “skype” session with the author

of “Inside Rain” Monique S. Mensah.

We will meet at the Augusta Richmond County Public library, 823 Telfair St. Augusta, Ga 30901

I thank you in advance for your support and commitment to the “Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club”


One thought on ““Inside Rain” Monique S. Mensah May 21, 2013

  1. “Transference” is phenomenon characterized by unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to another”

    The author of “Inside Rain” Monique S. Mensah is truly the” matriarch” of psychological thrillers.

    Thank you Monique for skyping in with us. Your candor for being totally honest is met with the utmost respect. The novel “Inside Rain” is not a imitation of life. It is a reality.

    The evening came alive with mystery and anticipation. Who is this author that writes in “3-D”, she challenges us and dares to write what we won’t say?

    Bold and Intense.

    TTT Ladies and I thank you for taking the time out of your evening and bringing “Inside Rain” to the minds of the TTT Ladies Book Club.

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