Chasity: “And the dress wouldn’t be so tight if you would have stay out of my closet”

Pia: ” Ok.  Whatever. so tell me what happened at  Madame Edna’s today?”

“Co-dependent”- meet the bully”  this is what I thought of the diabolical relationship between Pia and Chasity.

I look at Chasity a young lady that represents so many women that have arrived to full acceptance in their life.

I look at Pia, a young lady that represents so many women that don’t even come close to fulfilling their potential.

I knew that Chasity was going to be the front-runner, Nakia made that very clear “Chasity Rules” I was just curious to know how she was going execute this strategy often known as “life”

Pia is “dead on arrival”

Chasity has it all. Pia – D.O.A.

Isn’t is ironic how Pia benefited from being a bully to Chasity?

Isn’t it ironic how Chasity benefited being bullied by Pia?

Let’s be real ladies, many of us were “bullied” by a “Pia” into a “Chasity”

“Pia” is a chameleon, she will  “show up” in your family, children, job, church, marriage, relationship ect.

We are all birthed with a “Chasity” in our spirit that gives us a “choice” to choose.

I don’t know about you, but it took me a couple of “Pia’s” before I  evolved into a “Chasity”.

Now I “Rule”



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