“Spell” by Janell 27 August 2013

How far would you go for the one you love? Donna Goodman never wanted to be a preacher’s wife. Nevertheless, falling in love with Pastor Walter Goodman was unexpected, thrusting her into a lifestyle that she feared most. Unwilling to accept the role of a perfect wife, Donna left Walter and his congregation behind. Enter Tracy.  Beautiful yet damaged, Tracy Broussard wants only one thing to be loved.  Instant chemistry between Tracy and the separated Walter leads her to believe that her dreams are finally coming true. Quickly she imagines herself as the new first lady and makes plans to be the next new girlfriend, Tracy decides to take matters in her own hands. Armed with a book of spells and a vial of his blood, Tracy promised to use everything on earth and below it to change Walter’s heart. Read or not, once the powers of darkness are channeled, Donna will have to either face death or risk the loss of Walter’s soul to spiritual wickedness in high places.


Hello TTT Ladies the author of “Spell” Janell will join us on in a “Skype” discussion with her new book on

27 Augusta 2013 6:30pm at the Augusta Richmond County Public Library 823 Telfair St. Augusta, GA 30901


2 thoughts on ““Spell” by Janell 27 August 2013

  1. Hello TTT Ladies,

    What a exciting evening of “conversation” we were blessed with the phenomenal author A’ndrea J. Wilson aka “Janell”- “Spell” is her current “thriller” that kept all of us bursting with anticipation.

    Andrea’s skpyed in with the TTT Ladies for a evening of discussion. The book is simply AWESOME. I read it in one evening. could not put it down, I did not want the book to end, so I am looking forward to the sequel, because I know Janell just can’t leave us is a desperate state of confusion, I was in such a state of ” awe” I was standing up in the middle of my den reading and pacing back and forth as I came to the end of “Spell” I was trembling so bad I could hardly hold on to my “nook” my blood pressure elevated. You know a book is good when you fall back on your couch and say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then you look around, embarrassed because you realize you are having a conversation with your self.

    A’ndrea has that “lets talk girlfriend quality” she is extremely warm but most of all compassionate. Her books mirror’s the respect she has for her faith and the quality she writes with. Restoration and excellence flows through the pages of this book.

    The characters came alive as though they were sitting in front of me with a message don’t get comfortable and complacent. Spiritual Warfare is real.

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