We Band of Angels

I just got connected with this blog.Welcome Leslie. I too am new to Augusta. I look forward to meeting you and reconnecting with the other folks. I hope you enjoy the book. See you at the meeting!


3 thoughts on “We Band of Angels

  1. Hello TTT Ladies,
    We had a wonderful time last night. “We Band Of Angels” was a true learning experience. I look at the woman of today verses the woman during the era of
    “We Band Of Angles” They had less, but yet successful.

    The women of “today” are met with challenges but not that much different. We still mult-task, we are proactive, awesome “McGiver Skills” and are hawks when it comes to our children and loved ones.

    I have a renewed respect for women in the military, this is a story that is only whispered among the women who served. I hope that by reading this book and talking about it maybe a “voice” will be heard. Their story of hope, strength, and courage will always humble me, when I complain of the average day to day events.

    How do I say thank you to these “angels” that made my life safe before I was born. How do I go about my day knowing these ladies lost so much, their lives forever changed How do I sit down and eat a meal without feeling guilty?

    They sacrificed so I did not have to. What a testament of love?

    “We Band Of Angels” I will remember you in my thoughts and honored that today I read your story, which only prepares me for tomorrow and for that I am my heart is “cemented” with gratitude. I have no choice but to live my life with integrity and pride. Thank you for reminding me that being a woman is a “gift”

    I salute you with tears that will always remember this journey I was on when I read your story, and now I simply say “Thank You”

    • I had a sticky note from months ago from another book club friend in NY and they suggested The Healing. I just read about it. It may be good but I was trying to add diversity to the group. Take a look and let me know what you think.



      Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2014 00:06:32 +0000 To: afmom914@hotmail.com

  2. Renata,

    I think it will be a good read, I would read it , but the choice is yours I did read the “overview” the discussion along will bring out the diversity of the book, we are a diverse book club, eash of us are enhanced with a “rainbow” of experieces’s so the conversation will only bring out the best in the book.

    Good choice.

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