“What Kind Of Fool” By Rhonda McKnight 2014

“Truth is so obscure in these times and false hood so established that unless we love the truth, we cannot know it. Real  truth is practiced at home especially how we treat each other. Let the wife make the husband glad to come home. Let the husband make the wife sorry to see him leave home. That’s real ministry!”

Hello TTT Ladies,

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the author of  “What Kind Of Fool” by Rhonda McKnight. I read the sequel  “An Inconvenient Friend” a couple of years ago maybe,  in fact to be truly honest I only bought the book because Borders Book Store was closing and  I paid $3.00 for it. I would see it on the shelf at Borders before they closed, but I am not drawn to Christian novels. So I figured what do I have to lose?  I remember when I was just looking for a good “read” I would always pick up this book by accident and I would get so irritated because I was not interested in reading a book that reminds me of “Life Time TV Channel”  or the average Christian book that is about a  woman who is promiscuous, envy, jealous, deceitful ect, starts dating the pastor who is handsome, loving, but not really looking for a wife, but is drawn to her even though they are unequally yoked he has the patience of “Job” to wait on the lord to deliver her, but he stills gets to feel all over her, but he is “only human” so he gets a pass, but continues to date this”vile woman”that explodes with sex appeal , but there is a life changing event that brings her to Lord and they get married have a set of twins and live happily ever after end of story.

I bought the book anyway and through the book  on my book shelf at home and I figured I would read it when ever. When I would get home at the end of  day, the book would always be on the floor. This happened a couple of times so I looked at the cover of the book and just decided to read it just to prove to myself this is the average Christian book, I already know what is going to happen, I can knock this out before the next day. I did read the book in one day, but it was awesome, I remember saying to myself “dam” that was a good book (pray for me) lol .

I went to the Augusta Literary Festival with a goal, I was not going buy a book just because  the author and I had in-depth conversation about the book. I only wanted to buy one book, I have enough to read as it is. Now that I have a reader I am constantly down loading

I was passing by Rhonda’s table, I saw the book the “An Inconvenient Friend” I said to myself I think I have read this book, but she was not there at her booth at the time,and one of the library’s volunteers was there watching her booth. so I was some what relived because I really did not want to talk to any authors, I just wanted to buy my one book and leave.  I actually forgot about the Augusta Literary Festival, two of the members of the “Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club called me on my cell phone and said come on down, I did we looked and browsed and then we went to lunch. I said to myself I really wanted to buy at least one book after all I did go, I need something to show it. We had a wonderful lunch at “The Bo Weevil” downtown Augusta. I had enough time to go back to the Literary Festival and by my one book. I approached Rhonda’s booth and she was in the middle of packing up, but when she saw me, I was looking at the book ” What Kind Of Friend” I asked her about “An Inconvenient Friend” and  told her I believed I read the book some years ago. She told what the book was about, so my memory started flowing back to the contents of the book. I told her how I assumed the book was just another average Christian book ect.

She said the book in your hand “What Kind Of Fool” is the sequel, but for some reason I was not that interested in buying the book, because I read “An Inconvenient Friend” over a couple of years ago I know loved it, excellent book. I really could not really remember the details of the book, and to be truly honest I am totally burned out on reading books about marriage and relationships. Their problem not mine. She said it  really is a good book, but of course she is going to say that she is the author. The library is closing so I figure I can get out of this conversation and not buy the book just because I read the first one. I even told her that I only bought her book because Borders was closing, but it was the truth, I was tactful but no need to glamorize her, she is a book author that “wreaks” with confidence, so I could keep it real, I was not worried about hurting her” feelings” I already know she does not wear them on her sleeve. The book authors are packing up. She and I are still talking, but she said the book is a “standalone” book even though it has a sequel and as I listen to her. I start to believe her . I want to buy the book. I give her my debit card but her to purchase the book and now her” card reader” won’t work. I am upset I have to this book, I start thinking maybe if I tell her I am the President of “Talk The Talk Ladies Book Club” and founder of” It’s Your Book Club” I was President for three years, now we have Brian Mckinney who is President, maybe she will let  me write  her a check ect. I started praying, Lord please ect, I must have this book. I need this book. !!!!!!! I  have read the sequel, I have taken the time to come to this book festival, I have spoken with author in-depth, I am not buying the book out of guilt, I really want to read this book, for all of the right reasons. Well she got the author Tia McCollars to let her use her reader. Rhonda signed my book and gave me a copy of her book co-written with two other authors, Tiffany L. Warren and Sheri Lewis “A Woman’s Revenge” We all walked out together, I was so relieved and excited that I came back and bought her book” What Kind Of Fool”. It’s a beautiful day I’m good!

I started reading the book that night, what a phenomenal read that resonates with class and insight on the realities of relationships that have  the same effect on  Christians as wells as people in the secular world. She was able to reach a balance that did not isolate the secular society, but at the same time restore  and encourage your faith as  Christian .

It was about 11:oo pm, I have been reading “What Kind Of Fool” for about two days so I stop and send her a text because she must know now how I feel at this very moment, I know I need to be at work but I can’t put the book down. I am shaking this book is soooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

She did text me back in the am her words ” I don’t think I could have woken to find a nicer message. Thank you so much for the feed back. I’m glad you enjoyed the story, there is some pretty good.”

This has been an experience that started at Borders Books before they closed 2011. I have learned and realized reading these two books “An Inconvenient Friend” and” What Kind Of Fool” has been more about the journey that it took for me to read these prolific novels.  I have that found that my life is motivated personally when I read a novel that is only effective, when I have a moment of solace that activates the journey that I am on with the book that has a life changing impact on my thoughts and views This one of those “times”. But isn’t that what books are supposed to do? It’s not the book but the author who has responsibility to” wake” us with her words, to write about the trials and comforts, but most important to emphasize that we are free to make choices in our life, but we don’t get to choose the consequences.  Rhonda I am awake and dutifully served.

Life is a journey but every now then we can ” Inherit The Wind” and that alone is refreshing.


One thought on ““What Kind Of Fool” By Rhonda McKnight 2014

  1. Thank you for giving What Kind of Fool a chance. I love the review, so thoughtful it reads like a novel. This one goes in my scrapbook. I hope the book club will consider one of my novels as a monthly selection. Thanks again.

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