An ElderBerry Fall Ruth P. Watson

“Throw Me To The Wolves And I Will Return Leading The Pack”

This quote does not begin to describe Ruth P. Watson, the author of “An Elderberry Fall”

This novel is exquisite, daring, and intriguing.  You are engaged the moment you read the first word.

The characters leap from the page as they each take you on a journey of mystique, but each of them have

a personal story, but what makes this novel rare the character’s are constantly trying to convince you that they did not kill

Herman Camm.  This is the “aroma” of the subliminal story line.  Carrie, Simon, Ginny, Ms Pearl, Carl ect. would not stop

talking, because they are trying to defend themselves, before you start  asking the question, Where were you when

Heman Camm was murdered.? or was he really murdered, he did have a twin ok  more to come!!!

Ladies enjoy the read!!!

I look forward to your comments as we read and blog “An Elderberry Fall by the infamous Ruth P.Watson.




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